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Yes, Finally, A CANADIAN Version!, eh?

How on Earth Will I Find the Money I Need for My Business??

Let me tell you...

Learn the step-by-step street-smart way to finance or get cash out of a business...

  • “How to Get ALL the Money You Want For Your Business Without Stealing It” increases your power when you:
    • Counsel clients
    • Buy or sell a business
    • Fix your business’ financial crisis
    • Squeeze more cash out of your company
    • S-t-r-e-t-c-h cash when you are starting a business
    • Bail out a troubled company (or prolong its life)
    • Fund an applicant’s request for financing or equity
  • This book is not full of unproved ivory-tower concepts or get-rich-quick nonsense dreamt up by some researcher or journalist. Every financing technique was either used by the author or the clients of either the author or his global network of consultant affiliates—or the author substantiated the technique’s practicality.
  • This book is not for you if your world relates to things like: bonds (junk and otherwise), debentures, warrants, convertible stock, preferred stock, etc.
  • This guidebook contains information useful for privately-held businesses.
  • You do not need to go any further than this book to identify all the practical cash-generation ideas that exist.
  • Over 200 pages of debt, equity and operatioal methods to borrow, raise or take cash out of a business or to help buy a business or prepare one for sale to someone who needs financing help (most buyers).
  • You will not find a more complete guide to financing solutions for small and medium sized businesses.
  • Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
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“If there was a “Pulitzer” for a literary contribution benefiting the small businessman, you have earned it! This is the only comprehensive book that addresses everything you need to know about financing your business.

—Anne R. Whitney, KeyBank, V.P., Private Banking & Investing

“A revelation. Your book shows that funds are often hidden in a business or are readily available without going to a bank. A valuable addition to our SCORE library.

— Chris Grossman, Service Corps of Retired Executives

“The most comprehensive source of information about sources and tactics for raising capital for a business that I have seen. A very practical guide.”

— Marvin Nesbit, Director Florida International University SBDC

“Encyclopedic! Business owners make better decisions when they understand their options. Spells out all the options for financing and increases your effective capital.”

— Bill Huenefeld, Bellevue Community College's Small Business Development Center

“a financing bible. Fantastic. I could only contribute one additional idea.”

— John Gallagher, CPA, Baltimore, MD

“You could spend hundreds of dollars to buy all the other books on financing and still not have dozens of the ideas this single text contains.”

—Kathleen G. Salem, Chicago, IL

“Key to the mint. So good I couldn't put it down. This book has it all! The only financing not mentioned is pennies from heaven.”

— Jon Kastendick, PW Pipe, Eugene, OR

“The only A-to-Z source on financing a family business. It contains proven methods—including tactics your lawyer, accountant and banker don’t know or won’t tell you. The author’s no-nonsense approach is refreshing, straight forward, and full of valuable information.”

 —Gil L. Lyons, Scottsdale, AZ

  • “As hard as I tried, I could not come up with any new financing ideas. A wonderful book that will be of great help to any small business that needs money.”

 — Dan Merrill, Sacramento, CA

  • “Powerful, practical ideas that business owners and entrepreneurs can immediately put to use.

— John F. Kolla, CPA, Philadelphia, PA

“Very comprehensive. I have been in the financial services for a decade. I learned new techniques.

— Bruce C. Boddie, Boca Raton, FL

“Myriad of ideas useful to anyone who owns or is starting a business. Very complete checklist.”

— David J. Bohlmann, Miami, FL (business Appraiser

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How to Get All the Money you Want for Your Business Without Stealing it is the authority on useful, creative and effective ways to find find money for business.  It is a must-have for any business person, banker, accountant, commercial lawyer or anyone who advises business owners in CANADA.

*If you’re not delighted with your purchase, we will refund 100% of your money within 3 days of purchase.

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Don’t Stop... More Positive Reviews...

"This is not just another "How To" book. This is a detailed and an effective manual which "guides" you through every conceivable step necessary to obtain capital to start and run your business. Capital is king and this book could provide the keys to the kingdom.”

— Angelo Mozilo, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Countrywide Funding

“Even people who know some of the points gain by learning even one new approach. Well worth the cost.”

— Wally Stabbert, President, Institute of Certified Business Counselors

“I was impressed to find it contains financing techniques that even I, Ms. Knows-It-All had not thought of. We see successful businesses on the market with stifled growth as a result of cash flow problems. Your book illustrates that this need never be the case.”

— Lori King, CPA, CEO, Business Exchange Center, Inc.

“You oughta have a weapon’s license to know what is in this book. This is one of the most resourceful books I have read. It combines street-smart advice with practical solutions. I have been in business over 30 years, and I have never read a more useful publication on this topic.”

— Jerry Eisen, Seattle, WA

“This is the perfect book to learn techniques and secrets your banker will not tell you. Anyone considering buying a business would be wise to first invest in their education.”

— Harold Kain, Chicago, IL

“A treasure chest full of financing ideas, options and sources. Regardless of the type of business, you can immediately use the methods in this book. Devour it!”

— Clint Phillips, Washington D.C.

“This book is a stroke of genius. There is no business that can’t use it. There is no profession that can’t use it. There is no entrepreneur who can’t use it. There is no MBA student who wouldn’t be miles ahead with the tons of practical information.”

— Gene Pepper, Glendale, CA

“ties together business buyers, sellers and owners. It is a great desk reference and should be used by everyone...in a small business.”

— Mark Wiener, Raleigh, NC

“Along with our loan officers, I have reviewed your book. We find it good.”

— Ray Dumser, President & CEO, Verdugo Bank, Glendale

“Very comprehensive. Includes ideas that would not have occurred to me.”

— Clyde Tritt, Managing Partner , O&M Investment Partners

"The best concise and hands-on resource manual for proven business financing techniques on the market, regardless of the business you are in."

— Jim Goebelbecker, Shepherd Financing  Seattle, WA

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